Demo only of the first 4 levels! Take  control of the ultimate showman, Hudson Howl, as you try to make your way to the top of the music biz. Complete 10 tricky levels to become the next Rick Astley...


Arrow keys or WASD

Levels included in the demo  

Level 1: You’ve forgotten your lyrics and the instrumental is about to end. Get the words from your agent before you explode in shame!

Level 2: You’re at the wrong gig! The dance crowd do not like your rock vibe. Avoid the missles and protect your aging guitarist from certain death!

Level 3: In a fit of passion you throw your mic into the crowd. Get it back!

Level 4: You’re getting more and more famous and people want to post pics of you for their Snappychat. Destroy everyone with a smart phone!

Coming  soon
Level 5: Glastonbury,  interrupt a live interview during your set

Level 6: You’re late! You’ve woken up late for your tour bus. Make your way through the streets to your ride!

Level 7: T-shirt gun. You love your fans, your fans love you. Show them the gift of kindness by blasting them in the face with your tshirts from your massive canon. 

Level 8: Record deal. Your agent has set you up with a deal of a lifetime. However, your arch nemesis is there to scupper your deal. Get to the top floor of KingKong records before he does

Level 9: Record breaker! The world record for crowd surfing at the Devil's Pit is 1 minute...can you survive the moshpit?

Level 10: Your 60 year old guitarist has gone into the crowd. He needs your help. Get him back!


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I like the idea and the sprites :D, but the gameplay feels a lil bit uncofortable, I mean it takes a while to start moving the character I guess you are using acceleration ? Idk, howver good work, I enjoy it! :D 

Nice Idea! couldn't play it after level 3, if I press space the page scrolls down, same result with up and down (using firefox) I think you could make it a single button game without losing too much. Keep up the good work!

thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it. I’ll look into the bug and aim to fix it ASAP.