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BAD Soccer Manager! 

Works best with keyboard/mouse - will be optimised for mobile use.

You are a football manager. Your CV has magically emerged from the bottom of the pile of decent managers and made its way to a struggling team who need your own unique brand of creativity to help your new team "Escape the drop"

Bond with the team to build morale, build a relationship with the chairman, make sure the stadium is match day ready and hit the training pitch in order to progress through the game. 

Can you make your way to the elite leagues as a relegation escapologist? 

How to raise your profile

Keep an eye on the league table. You have a finite amount of games left of the season and your aim is to try to escape the relegation zone. Keep track of your progress by checking out your manager profile, look at the league table and see your upcoming fixture list.

End of season

When the season is over and you escape the drop expect to receive a job offer from a team higher up the English league system. Should you do well then before too long you will be a manager in the England's top division

Build Morale

Lots of minigames are hidden within the game that need to be completed. The more you complete the higher the morale. The higher the morale? The more attacking chances you earn on a match day. If your team love you then they will work like a dog to win at all costs!

Mini Games

  • Win a game...then jump in the bath with the boys to earn a morale boost
  • Golf day - get a hole in one and avoid hitting your dim witted defender who has wandered onto the course.
  • The chairman's cat - He hates it. Catch it and kick it out of his office before he slashes your transfer budget!
  • Clear the pitch of pigeons before they ruin your hallowed playing turf!
  • More to follow...

Game day

Controls for attacking : Click/touch/press Space the screen to aim then tap again to set the powerbar.

Controls for defending: Z moves GK left; X makes GK jump; C moves GK right

StatusIn development
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Tags2D, Football, Funny, Pixel Art, Retro, silly, Singleplayer, Soccer, Stencyl

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hey. this improves all of the time. you have some very good ideas here!!! the match engine thing is really fun now, and i loved trying to avoid the cat to get out of the owner’s office.

Found your game on twitter, not a fan of football manager game, but I don't know, the irony of this game really make me like it. I played way more that I'd think and had some good laugh. I never thought that I'll have to jump in a bath in a football manager game!